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Is this spec good for gaming on high specs? if not please comment change of hardware :)

. Intel I5 2500k Overclocked,
. 1155 Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H,
. 16GB DDR3 Kingston 1333 (2 x 8Gb),
. Integrated Sound Card,
. Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2 CPU Cooler,
. DVD+/- RW - 22X Samsung SATA,
. 1000Gb SATA Hard Drive SATA 3,
. Nvidia GTX650Ti 1024MB,
. No Monitor,
. CiT Saturn Midi Tower Gaming Case with 2 x Red LED Fans,
. Powercool 650W High Efficiency Black PSU,

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  1. Build is not very good for gaming. 16gb ram, bad CPU cooler, 650ti, bad PSU.

    Get something like this mate, assuming your budget.

    FX-6300 (stock CPU cooler)
    8gb ram, don't get anything above 1600mhz, as the price is not worth it.
    WD 1tb Caviar blue 7200rpm HDD.
    7870/7950 GFX
    XFX 550w or Seasonic 620w or Corsair HX650 / 750
  2. cut the ram down to 8g make sure is good brand of 1600 speed at 1.5v or less.
    try getting a ib cpu. even if it a non k chip. your going to get 10 percent speed over the older sb and get pci 3.0 speed on newer video card.
    the better heat sinks have a metal back plate or plastic back plate that locks those large cooler down better.
    I would swap power supply brands. google the name and model of power supply in your price range and see if they been tested.
    some brands are ok at low price some are not.
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