Acer Aspire t180 Upgrade

Hey everyone , i am a noob to all this so bare with me .

I have a acer aspire t180 and i am looking to put a ati radeon hd5450 1gb PCI-E 16x graphics card into it to boost up the graphic performance. As I am on low budget and my current GPU is slow , they retail on eBay for £20 buy it now . The current GPU Wont play Euro Truck Simulator 2 or even cityville on fb.

Supposedly it will still run on a standard PSU , but i was just wondering would it fit into the computer , and also would it run on my computer .

My Specs Are

Amd Sempron 3200+ Can upgrade to Athlon 4000+ if would be better.
L2 Cache 128kb
3.0gb Ram
Acer EM61SM/EM61PM Motherboard
Nvidia GeForce 6100 nForce 405 On board graphics card
Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit
80Gb Standard Hdd + 500Gb External Drive but put into computer

Thanks in advance

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  1. It's a shame nobody answered your question but i will answer it in case someone else has the same question in the future. The answer is yes. That card is small and your PC has a PCI-E slot.

    I have the exact same PC for my TV down stairs with a a HD 6450 which is essentially the same card.
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