Sapphire 7750 800mhz power connector?

Does the sapphire HD 7750 require a 4/6 pin power connector? I checked my computer and I only have two 4 pin (female if the makes the difference)

...yes as you can tell I'm kind of confused.

If it does require a 6 pin power connector then what kind of adapter would I need to buy? Thanks for helping in advance again:love:
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  1. 7750s pull less than 60 watts and do not require any connectors from the PSU. GPUs do not use 4 pin connectors anyway. If they are a cube its for your motherboard, if the pins are all in a line its molex for HDD/DVD etc
  2. Oh okay! So then I don't have to worry then, I can just fit it into the slot and it'd work without any other cables, etc
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