GT 620M fps drops in games

Hello everybody.. :hello:
I've recently bought an Acer v5 571g with an i5 3317u(1,7->2,6) and a gt 620m.I have 8gb o ram at 1333Mhz.So here is my problem,in the games I play COD MW3, NFS MW2, MOHW I have a constant frame rate of over 30 fps or 30 at mediu-high or high settings, but during gameplay gpu usage drops for 1,2 seconds and I get an annoying shuttering that's getting on my nerves.I've tried the lowest settings possible and it's the same , changed the newest drivers and the beta ones (clean install each time), overclocking and underclocking,my temps are at a maximum of 70-75 degrees(with overclock).
I don't know what to try next so please I need some help..I would gladly appreciate it :)
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