660 ti or 670 ?

Hi guys :) , i would like to get the 660 ti or the 670 but i cannot choose which one to get because of the price difference .. any advice?
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  1. 670 would be better in the long run as it is not too far behind the 680, but the 660 ti is a great card aswell so it is a hard choice :)
  2. Diffidently the 670 better in the long run and better in general

  3. the price difference is 200>< u sure is worth it?
  4. xrayshot said:
    the price difference is 200>< u sure is worth it?

    yes it is worth it

    GTX 670

    This card is the beast and it beats GTX 680 in many areas.
    Even with less CUDA cores this card is more overclockable than GTX 680 and if we compare with overclocked GTX 680 then it gives only 3-5 FPS less in all modern game for INR 8000 less price and that is huge saving. No wonder this one got so many award...even more than GTX 680.
    Its more clock frequency compensates its less CUDA core than GTX 680.
    Conclusion: This card in marker broke GTX 680's value all the way. Now its wise decision to buy this one instead of GTX 680 or GTX 660 Ti
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