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I am looking to purchase a new PC to run Microsoft FSX somewhat efficiently, plus Office and basic programs. A budget of $800 is the aim.

So far, research has led me to these specs,

intel Core i-7 2700?
Nvidia, which one?
Coolant fan?
Memory CPU & GPU?
Monitor desired is the following
ASUS VS239H-P 23-Inch Full-HD LED IPS Monitor

Dell, Alienware, Cyberpower?
If I go with a Cyberpower, easy to upgrade from
i-5 to an i-7? Also aware of FSX limitations between the two. I really appreciate all input.

Thanks, Scotty
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  1. You could do this better for $500 if you are willing to build it yourself. Prebuilts are very overpriced.
  2. are u willing to build it urself, also whats ur max budget?

    building urself ud save alot of money.
  3. getting a custom PC doesnt really cost much more than the parts these days

    I built a system on cyberpowerpc for $896 then put all the parts into pcpartpicker and the price was $886 and there was $45 in mail in rebates. So all the savings you get comes from mail in rebates.
  4. well it depends, most of the time its cheaper to build urself, depends on what company u buy from and etc. they usually got a markup price versus buying and building urself.
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