Asus 7970 graphic card help

i was told on my recent thread the 7970 can run 3 monitors
I im a bit confused i would prefebly have
(DVI) - Skype
(DVI) - Internet
(HDMI) - Gaming
is this possible? -
Welsh :)
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  1. I don't think so. Unless you figure out a way to put gaming on one monitor and skype/internet on another monitor
  2. Fuuuuu :( I wish i could have a
    (DVI) - Skype
    (DVI) - Internet
    (HDMI) - Gaming
  3. this may help you.!!
    running monitors in extended mode, you may use one monitor for each program (like you asked about). You may need to run the game in windowed mode.
  4. Which ASUS graphics card do you have? It would help us look up the details if we knew the model number so we can look up a picture of the card to see what connectors and adaptors you might need. Most Radeon HD 7970's can run three monitors easily.
  5. As said, you'll probably have to run your game windowed or alt tab out anyways to use skype or surf as usually when a game like a FPS has focus, the focus will only stay in the "window" of the game in a multi-monitor setup to make sure your mouse doesn't go out of the play field.
  6. Shouldn't be an issue just don't setup eyefinity, games will play on your "main" display and you can have whatever you want on the other 2.
  7. Guys im saving for a pc i was told the 7970 could hold 3 monitors
  8. I would have like the middle for the game and the side for varouis things :P
  9. So set your middle monitor as your main display, in display options...
  10. and sometimes use all 3 but not often
  11. well i probly woudlent use all 3 apart from when i would play DAYZ :p
  12. I dont have a pc yet but im saving up and im getting the 7970
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