Can a new video card be affected by the onboard chipset

i would like to know if the chipset would in anyway affect a new video card. when i bought my computer it came with a 1gb nvidia geforce gt 220 but a psu of only 250w. this i think somehow damaged the video card (it doesnt work now, i tried the gpu on another computer). i was also wondering if a broken onboard graphics chipset could afffect the new video card or damage it. i know i have to replace the power supply in order to get a decent video card, but i would like to know if i HAVE to replace the chipset (if even possible) or the entire motherboard for it to work properly. I have an hp pavilon p6607c
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  1. No, I don't think the chipset has to be replaced... I have similar type of motherboard (from a HP Pavilon 6517c) and got a Geforce 8400 GS grahics card (71W), which had the required power. The 8400GS worked just fine so no, you don't have to replace the chipset.
  2. Ok so the built in chipset wont affect the performance of the new video card in any way?
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