Sapphire 7850 vs Zotac 660 vs 650 Ti

Hi, i've been looking into a card for sometime and decided to go with the Sapphire 7850 or with the Zotac 660 or with the Asus 650 Ti (These three are in my range, and I can not afford to spend more money). But I have had a bad experience with AMD cards, I love AMD CPU's but my old Gigabyte 6850 broke down after a month because a tiny part of it fell off randomly (I still to this day believe I received the card without it.) and Gigabyte refused to fix it. While my experience with NVIDIA has been amazing, I have had my 460 for a long time now, and before that my 8800 and they both lasted long and worked perfect, both of them still do. So I was wondering, what does the community recommend getting? (This is taking warranty into consideration.)

What I do with my graphics cards is:
I render videos.

My Computer Specs:
Asus Sabertooth 990fx
AMD FX-8150
16 Gigs Corsair Vengeance

Thanks for the help in advance!

(Side Question: I noticed that the EVGA 650 Superclocked edition costs as much as a 650 Ti, is this only in my country? If not why does it cost so much?)
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  1. Anyone? Anything?
  2. Zotac 660 gtx is the best card, it will give the best performance of those three, and zotac models overclocked like beasts.
  3. GTX 660 will Rock!!! Its the Best there.

    I would suggest you to get the MSI 660 TF III

    This is november revew and new drivers came out. So it will be even better. Zotac is a card with high clocks and will serve you well !

    Good Luck !
  5. At above review don't forget to look at the GTX 660 and not GTX 660 Ti, though :). But yea, as others have said, GTX 660 is by far the best out of those three cards.
  6. +1 for the GTX660. Which country are you in? Warranty terms vary by country, but in the UK you get three years by default with EVGA, five or ten years when you register your details with them.
  7. In our place. The cheapest Sapphire HD7850 costs less than the Zotac GTX 660 by about $50. and they, at times are equal in performance in some applications with the GTX 660 ahead by a small amount. If price-performance is also part of your consideration. I'd get the HD7850 though both will do the work just fine.
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