2 MSI gtx 570dead one after another

Hi guys !
My friend got himself in a bit of a trouble with his computer.
About month ago he bought MSI GTX570 Lightning TF III.
It all started with "display driver stopped responding" messages.
Then system started to turn off and now he˙s got red and white lines all
over the screen during POST, boot and in windows...
He RMA-ed the card and got a new card. The same model, only new.
He plugs it in and all the same stuff happens all over again, resulting with those lines over the screen.
His system is AMD Phenom II 940 (stock) , Asus M4N82 deluxe, 2x2 Corsair Dominator DDR2 and Point of View PSU (I think 550 or 600 W)
So what do you think could be the cause of damage to the card ?
His old card works just fine (but that one does not require much juice from the PSU),
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  1. Never heard of that PSU could very well be the PSU frying them. Could you get the model numbers for the PSU?
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