Graphics card upgrade for planetside 2?

i wanted to know if i should upgrade anything to run planetside 2 more smoothly right now i can run it on low but its still really laggy and flickers quite a bit i have a

amd athlon(tm) ii x2 240 processor 2.80 ghz
ATI Radeon HD 5450
4 GB Ram

what should i upgrade to better my gaming performance? Thank you.
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  1. Don't expect a big upgrade, your CPU will bottleneck newer mid-range / high-end GPUs big time. Planetside 2 does require a decent CPU.

    Radeon 7750 requires Little power and does a great job. You won't get highest details, but you will see a major difference - If your CPU allows it.

    You might consider getting a new desktop if your budget allows it, if you'd like to keep up with new and upcoming games.
  2. Your GPU was NEVER ment for gaming. Anything will be a huge upgrade.

    Your CPU can also be overclocked over 3.5GHz, or you could drop in a quad core phenom II
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