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Alright so the PS4 sent out dev kits with a 7970 similar card in it. And consoles generally cost in the sub-$500 area. Building a New PC with similar specs would cost around $1500... So why would people buy a PC with such a great offer? I've heard things such as the PS4 Card will be similar to the 7970M version. what is the true performance mark? How would such a system compare against a 7870 or a 7870 Crossfire? Is it worth the money on a PC or no?
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  1. It's very simple, PC games come at half the price of console counterparts on average in the grand scheme of things. This will be exaggerated even further with new no-used-game-reselling policy the new DRM is bringing with PS4:,news-16553.html

    Oh, and there's the productive nature of a PC.
  2. whats ur budget for a pc, and country of origin?
  3. iceclock said:
    whats ur budget for a pc, and country of origin?

    Country of Origin USA and my budget is flexible, but it doesn't seem smart to get a PC regardless of price if the consoles are going to be just as powerful at launch years.
  4. can u give me a figure to work with, please.
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