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AMD Radeon Eyefinity Problems

Hello, Im using the ATI 6850 Sapphire version.. Im trying to get 3 displays setup

dvi to dvi for monitor 1
display port to dvi (dell im guessing its active, not sure if theres a way to test, ti came with a laptop) for monitor 2
dvi to hdmi adapter to my hdmi.. for monitor 3.

Not sure why its not working with all 3 monitors. Ati driver only able to get 2/3 working...

Please let me know..
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    It sounds like the DP adapter isn't an active adapter. It must be an active adapter for your card to output to three monitors. Aren't there some numbers on the adapter that you could look up to see if it's an active adapter?
  2. +1 for larkspur

    I would suspect one of the adapters too.
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  4. Thanks alot guys, After grabbing a powercolor active adapter the 3rd display works fine... :) Thanks again!!
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