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5850 crossfire vs MSI R7950 Twin Frozr 3GD5/OC

I really can't find this anywhere, i'm not sure if I should scrap my 5850's I have as of now and pick up a 7950. I was debating the 7950 vs the 7970 but everywhere I looked said the 7950 overclocked is better than the 7970 stock, is this true? Will I be seeing a large difference with a 7950/7970 vs 5850's CF? Also, the 7970 is a little bit too expensive at the moment, should I wait to get a 7970?

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    Ok well basically an HD 5850 is slightly better than an HD 6790, and two HD 6790s in crossfire are around the performance of an HD 7850, MAYBE a 7870, but probably more of an HD 7850. So yes, I would get the singe card 7950, as it frees up more space in your case, eliminates micro stuttering and uses way less power. I would wait for the HD7970 as the performance gap is decent and worth buying the next one up, but you can also overclock an HD 7950 to basically about the same performance of a stock 7970, but you have less memory. Definitely go single card, I would say wait for the HD 7970, but if you cant, the 7950 will serve you well.
  2. 8000 series are coming out in early second quarter if you want to wait for possible price drop or get 8000 series.

    Otherwise 7950 is a good card for the money right now.
  3. Thank You for the responses. I think i'll wait for the 8000 series and the possible price drop.
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