Black screen when i first start my pc up for the day

ill post my specs first

i7 (dont know what version just an i7)
nvidia 570
12g ram
latest drivers for everything

well i am having a really weird problem, when i start my pc up for the first time of the day i get multiple black screens and i have to reconnect my monitor each time i get one to fix it, i have tried old and new drivers for my graphics card, i have tried new mouse drivers (it fix'd it for one day but it might have just been a fluke) i have also tried a system restore and a full reinstall of windows 7

what is going on with my pc? because i am getting really stressed out over this and to make it worse i can trigger it, i have to wait a full day before it will happen again almost like it is on a timer to do so
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  1. In each case the pc does boot up ok? i.e. is it a display only issue?
  2. other than the first time of the day yes it starts up fine (forgot to mention that when it DOES do the black screen i dont see anything, not even the cursor)

    like i can play farcry 3 on ultra no black screens, play everything i own (within system spec of course) on max settings and no black screening, it is only when i first start it up for the day
  3. Twelve grams of male sheep, huh? How'd you manage to stuff that in there? ;)

    When you say you get multiple black screens, how long to they last? It could just be the monitor losing the source from the computer and cycling through it's inputs till it gets back to the computer again.
  4. the black screens last as long as it takes to 'cycle' the monitor (i can press the 'change source' button on the monitor or just unplug it from the video card and plug it back in and it will come back) but depending on how many it feels like giving me i have to do it till it stops (like if it gives me 6 i have to do what i said in the parentheses above this one till it is done)

    should have added the screen doesnt come back automatically, i have to cycle it manually each time till it is done being a pain in the ass (but as i said in my other posts, it only does this once a day which is really confusing)
  5. ok so it just happened again today (not even surprised) but i thought i would try moving my mouse while it was black screened and it didnt move or pull up the menu when i right click my desktop

    is it possible it is my mouse?
  6. well never mind on my other post, it looks like this issue is coming from a cold startup

    would the monitor cable have something to do with the black screening when i start from a cold boot?
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