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Hey guys i'm building my own system for the first time and have all the components other than the PSU, I have the Msi power edition 660ti and the fx 4300 cpu. however the Psu that i have been looking at only has one 6 pin pci express. however my gpu requires two. the Psu that i was going to buy was this
but as you can see only one pci-e.
do you have any solutions or other psu's that i can buy which are around 20-25 pounds and will be able to cope with my system when running high demanding games.
help would be appreciated thanks.
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  1. Don't cheap out on the PSU. It will take out your entire system if it fails. Look for something 500-600 watts from Antec, Corsair, XFX, Seasonic.
  2. Ditch that psu, a 750w psu with just one 6 pin pcie connector tells everything, it's fake labeled, it probably got 350-450w at the best.
    Get a proper psu, you won't find any decent one at that price, don't cheap out, get a decent one :
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