Farcry 3 Frame per second issue?

I just finished updating my GTX 580 3GB GDDR to its latest. I got farcry 3 and I am having 20-30 Frames. This has never happened to me, in fact I can play BF3 smoothly! Is it a problem with the game or something else? Will they be releasing patches or updates? Thank you.
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  1. I have a gtx 480 and my fps never drop below 40, usually 60 - 80 ( I have max fps set to 80fps )

    Do you have the beta 310.64 drivers?


    After that you can go here for some editing fun.


    You can start with his example, and just tweak from there for a smooth experience.
  2. didnt help.
  3. Use GPUz and see more closely if everything is working correctly while you're playing the game. GPU usage 100%? Vram usage?
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