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Hi there,

I posted a thread earlier on a question if my PC has compatible parts and blah and got completely new parts. I was fine with it but I realized it didn't meet my budget. I'm going to explain what I would like to use with my computer, and then you guys can tell me to post the parts of the system I chose or help me build a new system.

Use: Gaming PC. Record/Edit/Render/Upload videos if I cannot afford a external HDD and still have performance to play games at the same time.

Budget: $1,200 including shipping but I have a funny budget.

I buy parts when I get the money.

So I would like to make four purchases total but cannot exceed $315

My first purchase is a bit different: Total price of first set of parts minus $265 and that price I get cannot be more than $200.

The other purchases can not exceed $315.

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  1. Get an i7 3770k. 7950 ghz. (get a 670 if you need cuda).
    Asrock extreme4 motherboard assuming you want sli/cfx in the future. 750w psu seasonic/antec.
  2. The gigabyte mobo is fine. I just suggest the asrock one because it is the best price for what you are getting that I have found. Asrock has yet to fail me in 4 different systems. While a 650w psu would be enough to run 2 7970's in cfx. It would strain the psu a lot. That will significantly shorten the life. When someone asks is 650w enough for sli/cfx, I say yes but your psu will die faster.
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