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Large problem with computer

hello, I recently opened up a thread about a related issue, I have added more ram from 4 gigs to 8 gigs now I have a total of 10 gigs, but now my computer wont start. All my PC does is just the fans turn on and then it shuts off, this goes on forever with just the fans turning on my hdd noise that its on and then boom its off. Now in my other thread a person told me to only boot with one ram stick w/o the gpu and I did and it worked, but now none of them work w/o the gpu or with it and it just starts up the same way and shuts off. Im afraid that ive broken either my ram or my mobo dimm slots or in the WORST case scenario ive destroyed both, but I didnt use any force trying to get the ram in. What should I do.

Who ever helps me get through this may get something for Christmas cause I am worried to deaths Ive broken my baby !
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    OK so what you're gunna want to do is POST. This stands for power on self test. All you want is to test the CPU, motherboard, ram and psu. Do not have anything else plugged in. If it still doesn't work, you know that it is one of these things. Try each RAM stick individually, and plug in a monitor to see if you can get into BIOS. Check the clock speed to make sure the RAM is working right. If this still doesn't work let me know.
  2. Well, ram sticks need some force to get in. Maybe they are not seated right? Your mobo manual has details on it.
  3. Also, are all of your RAM sticks the same brand? Unless each stick has the same clock speed, latency and voltage, they won't be able to work together.
  4. What was your existing RAM? and what RAM did you buy? If you take the new RAm out does the PC POST?
  5. OHHH well I had the 8 gig which was 1600 mgz and the 4 gigs were 1333ghz but my mobo only supports 1333 but I read on here that it should adjust, So I cannot get back to you guys if i preform a POST TEST because this is at my other house so what should I do if it is the worst case scenario ?
  6. go back to your original 8 gbs and return the new RAM and get the same kind and speed to upgrade
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