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I recently just spent a fair bit of money on a Radeon 7850 hoping it would improve my fps a considerable amount, considering my previous card was a gts 450. I went on Fallout 3 just to try it out, with the gts i could play on high at 1080p with solid 60fps. When i go on it now with the radeon with the exact same settings I get 10fps. Maybe I've set up something wrong I dont know whats up with it? Could anyone help? or got any suggestions?

My CPU is an FX-4170 @4.2
PSU: 600w

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  1. Make sure you completely removed all the old drivers from the old GPU. Also, go to the AMD website and download all the lastest drivers for the new card
  2. Likely that it's a sofware problem. When installing new drivers, always roll back or delete the previous ones or widows will still try to go and use them.

    I've had this problem with a new graphics card, not sure if you're having the same thing right now.

    It doesn't hurt of course to install a GPU monitoring application like gpuz to see if everything is ok.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks for your replies

    I have completely removed the Nvidia drivers and installed the latest AMD ones but there is only a slight difference, in some games it's worse, I got a few more FPS in Fallout but when I go on Hitman Absolution using the exact same settings I used with the GTS i get 6 fps. And I D/L GPU-Z and it isnt reporting any faults, the core and memory speeds are running as it said on the box and website
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