GPU Keeps throttling

My asus mars 2 keeps going down to about 50mhz for both the core and memory, shader goes down to about a 100mhz. voltages are high for some reason.
I read that you can disable gtx 580 throttling in gpuz using cmd but the commands didnt work.
Anyone know a way through this?
I'm quite certain this is why im getting low fps in all my benchmark and games.
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  1. I still need to give out a reward to the individual that can get this pc working normally.So far no one has.It's not much just a small gift worth around a tenner as a code.
  2. What sensor readings (e.g. temp) do you see in gpu-z? are any over limits? - check at at idle.

    Did you overclock your 580? - try resetting - I'm still happy with mine at defaults.
  3. temp is about 39 degrees on idle but on desktop speeds are fluctuating every 2 seconds from 500mhz to 50 to 150 etc. on core , memory and shader. never want to overclock unless its stable.If you want i can send a short screen clip?
  4. how can i see if im reaching a limit? Is there an option somewhere where i can see a limit in temp causing clock speeds to decrease? If so how can i alter this?
  5. I used evga precision to set temp and speed limits, nothing changed.
    heres a vid i put up:
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