Worth playing the waiting game? + Extra question

Hi , I ve asked for a couple of builds on the forum and I am thankful for all the great advice several folks have given me. However , this is my current situation: I will use my pc for gaming and I have a huge backlog of games to play (Ps2 , Wii and some emulation) I've estimated that it will take me a year or a year and a half to beat most of those games.

I have a basic laptop to surf the net , use MS Office watch videos , emulate up to N64 and DS etc...

My question is , having all those games yet to play... is it worth building a rig NOW or would be better to wait until I have cleared most of my games. I'm sure rigs won't be less powerful 12 or 18 months from now.

Of course , this is totally subjective , but probably some of you may have faced a similar situation and could share your experiences.

* BTW this another silly little question and I won't open a thread just for it: What does it mean when someone says "Your [ Insert device] will [insert task] just fine"???

Example: "This build will play Crysis just fine"

Does "Just Fine" mean 6/10 (ok with some isolated issues) or 8/10 (great and no hassle)??

This somewhat confuses me when reading reviews or suggestions around the web.

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  1. I think if you dont NEED it... then wait... otherwise you are going to spend money on a build and then watch all the prices drop on those things that you purchased.... it's very crappy....


    If you will use the build right away (as far as it being more useful than your current set up) then you should go for it.
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