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Is the gtx 680 worth it.

Hi guys,
I would like to get peoples oppinion on the performance of the GTX 680, (the msi lightning edition in paticular if possible) without taking into consideration it's price premium over the 670. I would just like to get some feedback from real people in real world gaming situations on how these cards perform.
Thanks guys. :)
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  1. assuming you prefer nvidia cards, and is going to max overclock the gpu, the 680 is generally not worth it, and most better off buying a 670 and putting the rest of the money into something else.
  2. You're far better checking out a few of the many online reviews for this card - they'll give you FAR more useful info than we can. There will also be mention of the 670 in many of these ;)
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    The GTX 680 is a faster card bottom line, yes it is worth it. Though if the price concerns you than the 670 is an excellent cheaper alternative. If you are flexible I would high recommend the AMD 7970Ghz as it is the fastest card and cheaper than the 680.
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