EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 replace or add as Physx

So, I built a Core i7 system a couple years ago. I have the EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 card in it. I think the card is going bad as the screen completely flakes out. I get like four copies of the screen and you cant see anything clearly. I haven't checked the monitor or DVI cable yet.

The card is one of the lifetime warranty cards. If the card is bad, and I were to get it repaired/replaced, should I

1. keep it as it is
2. replace with a new card
3. replace with new card and keep this one as Physx?

I really wanted to stay between $300 and $400 dollars.

I could potentially buy another card and SLI in the future. Would I get more bang for my buck out of two GTX 660 (ti) in SLI, or spending more now on a better card?

I am not really interested in AMD/Radeon cards (personal preference).

I don't want to turn this into an Nvidia vs. Radeon thread, so please keep with my topic.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. If it has a lifetime warranty get it fixed then. I had a 8800 GTX that had a lifetime warranty from BFG Tech before they went out of business and they sent me a GTX 285 that now I use for PhysX card with my 670
  2. I used to own a tri sli gtx 285, Nowdays I have one left for my pc which hopefully will be a 8xx gtx series and intend to use it as a physX card. It's not worth selling it for $ 70.

    I'd keep it and use it as a physX card.
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