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OS for Atom Based PC?

Hey everyone, after building my first really powerful PC it was a lot of fun and I want to push myself further and build a mini-pc for 16-bit emulation and HD video playback inside most likely a SEGA dreamcast, however I may choose a different retro console around the same compact size.

I plan on using an Atom dual core D2700DC with GMA 3650 integrated graphics. I want this to be a cheap project so buying Windows is out of the picture. Are there any OS out there, Ubuntu or something, that work fine with the Atom and most importantly the integrated graphics?

Also if there is a different Atom CPU/Board you'd recommend please let me know.
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  1. Ubuntu should work just fine. I use it on my HTPC and its great.
  2. This net book uses PowerVr graphics from Imagination Tech. Graphic support for this graphic chip is very poor in linux, unless you use MeeGo. 64 bit driver is also not available for both windows and linux
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    ubuntu would be ur best bet or debian.
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  5. i had quite extensive experience with atom n570 powered netbook and it ran on windows7 starter fine. just saying.
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