Computer wont wake from sleep - in a coma

Computer has been working perfectly and decided to try the sleep mode last evening as opposed to turning it off. Bad move, now the keyboard, mouse and monitor are unresponsive. No way to communicate with the computer whatsoever. Tried re-booting but can tell from the sound of it, is only powering back on in sleep mode. Anyone have any ideas on this matter. Clueless as to how to solve this problem.
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  1. flip it over, pull out the battery
    flip it over, open it up, press the power button for 15 - 20 seconds
    flip it over replace the battery
    turn it on

    If that doesn't work you have bigger issues
  2. Have you tried booting from a windows disc into safe mode. Doing a full shutdown and then restarting as per normal?

    Can you get an old PS2 keyboard and try it? (That is if it is still enabled in the BIOS).

    Perhaps "Wake on LAN" is enabled inthe BIOS. Try another PC with a crossover network cable and query the machine into life.
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