Is 3D/120hz/144hz a Gimmick?

So is this a gimmick? I mean is the 120/144 hz refresh rate so noticeable in gaming or no? Even if you can't keep up the 120/144 constant fps,such as 60+ or 60-?
I always considered 3D in gaming as a gimmick , trying to lure customers to buy it even if isn't gaming wise and isn't viable.

Which monitors do you like 120hz+ between 24-28 inch which comes with a nice tag while having good contrast ratio. Paying 500£ for an Asus 28 monitor :non: is a little bit expensive,don't you think?I'd prefer investing them on hardware but that's just me :whistle: .
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  1. No it is not. 3D monitor needs to be minimum 120Hz...because the 3D technology alternate 60hz for each side of the 3D glasses from 2 images from different angles to create the illusion of 3D.

    120Hz/200Hz etc TVs on the other hand produce algotirthm to smoothen the movies and turn it into game like quality instead of film like 24fps.
  2. Besides the benefit of 3D, as explained above, when you are not using 3D, 120hz has a few benefits of its own.
    - Things are smoother when there is a lot of motion. The difference between 60 FPS/hz and 120 FPS/hz is very obvious when you turn around 180 degrees rapidly.
    - input latency is reduced. This may not be as obvious to some as others, but you can notice that when you move your view with the mouse, a 120 FPS/hz setup (even at 80 FPS), feels noticeably more responsive. You don't feel as if everything is lagging anymore.
    - reduced simulator sickness. For a lot of people, gaming in first person mode with a mouse causes headaches, eyestrain and or nausea (I get nausea). Increasing your FPS reduces this problem and I personally find that once I hit 80+ FPS on a 120hz monitor, that nausea goes away.
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