Graphic Card for Pentium 4. Is it worth it at all?

Hi everyone. New to this forum. I have a bit out dated PC. I don't play any games on it and I don't plan to. Just Music and watching movies. However, I experience some choppy flow of the hd 1080i videos on my PC. They run like on slow motion, no match between sound and picture and etc. My computer specs:

Main Board: Asus P5GD1 PRO/LGA775/915P/DDR
CPU: P4 520 2.8GH/1M/BOX/LGA775
Ram: 3GB DDR 400 A-DATA
Graphic Card: Asus EN6600/TD/256M PCI-E 1.0 or 1.1
HDD: 500GB Hitachi 7250/SATA/8M
Power Supply: 300W
Monitor: 15" (1024x768) Plan to change it for 22" 1920x1080

My question is what do I need to change so I would have no problem wathcing 1080i videos. I was thinking to upgrade the Graphic card but after I have read a few threads I don't think it would be enough. I know that hd videos require at least Core2Duo but I don't really want to change my CPU. So if I can get away with buying Graphic card only please advise me on what would be the best for my rig. If I need to change CPU and power supply, probably I have to think if it is worth it.
Any advise would be highly appreciated.
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  1. upgrade your GPU to something around $100 and it should be great... CPU doesn't really matters until you watch 720p+
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