Advice needed: Which build for these two games - CPUs / GFX Card.

Hi, a friend has got two PC's available to me at the moment and I can't decide which one will be better for playing two games - World of Warcraft ( Panderia ) and Black Ops 2.

The specs are

Q6600 CPU
4GB Ram
DS4 MOTHERBOARD Gigabit (high end)


550TI Nvidia
4GB Ram
ABIT IP35 motherboard.

Don't believe I can interchange the cards and processors so based on these two computers, which is the better deal / steal (if that?)

I can understand some parts are outdated, the main focus is warcraft above all. Is it better to save £50 or not, thanks for any advice. ( Posted on two parts of the site, unsure which subsection suits best)

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  1. The second one is better.
  2. Neither is worth what he is asking though.
  3. Thanks for the reply, bit of a downer for me. Can't really find any built systems that I've found for under £200 in the UK with those cards - but I'm not an expert and don't know too much about the variety of GFX models.

    It's for another friend, we're trying to get a quick cheap deal where we could have him playing online tonight ;s How much would you say these builds are worth?


  4. I don't know the exchange rate but i wouldn't pay over $180 USD for the second one. It will run what you wan it to.
  5. Yeah I agree with others. Not really worth the purchcase! I'd go look somewhere else or buy/build a new computer. You can build an AMD APU system - wait for the AMD A10-6800k to come out next month. This is a CPU / GPU combo and will save you tons of money.
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