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HD6950 only 2 monitors at a time

Hello, I got a HD6950 with Eyefinity + 3 AOC e2151fh 23" monitors but my Windows7 only enable 2 of them at a time.
The issue: When I start Windows only the monitors 2 (DVI/DVI cable) and 3 ( HDMI/DVI cable) goes enable... but when login window comes up, only monitors 1(DVI/DVI cable) and 2 (DVI/DVI cable) goes on, and monitor 3 (HDMI/DVI cable) go disable. I tried to fix trhe problem using Catatalyst Control Center.
by the way... my MB is a old DG31pr running WIN7 on a Q6600, 8mb. Any idea? Thanks from Brazil
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    You cannot hook up 3 monitors to eyefinity without using display port. The HDMI and single link DVI port share the same single and cannot be used at the same time.

    You must use an active display port or mini display port to single link DVI adapter to connect the 3rd display. They are about $25. It MUST be active. Not passive

    On a side note this has been answered hundreds if times on this forum, AMD tells you this all over the eyefinity Page, and google would have found out in seconds. You'll get faster answers that way....
  2. Well to use more than 2 monitors one of your monitors HAS to be on a DisplayPort or active DisplayPort adapter. Also when using HDMI you can not use the bottom DVI and the HDMI at the same time those ports are shared. The top row has a DVI HDMI and 2 DispayPorts you can use those ports with no problems.

    Like on my setup I drive 3 Asus 27" monitors 2 on DisplayPort and one DVI in Eyefinity and my Panasonic 50" 3D Plasma so I can run 4 monitors at once. But that leaves the bottom DVI not used. I could not find any info on your monitors but my best guess would be that they do not have DisplayPort connectors so you will need to get a active DisplayPort adapter in order to use 3 monitors.
  3. Ok I got it! Thank you guys!
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