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So I have an Acer Aspire AZS600 ( all in one Desktop Computer, completely stock. I am having a hard time trying to upgrade the Graphics card considering that it only has a 135 Watt Power brick... I used Kill-A-Watt to determine that I am only using about 70 watts Maximum while under load, but normally hovers around the low 60's while playing. I would like to put a Radeon HD 6670 in, but with a TDP of 66 Watts I fear that I may destroy my power brick. Will this card work with my system, or do I have to look for something crappier? Thanks for your help!
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  1. Honestly you wont be able to get a decent graphics card in that system with only a 135 what power supply. The fact that your using a all in one desktop makes it very difficult in regards to upgrading many parts. I would not attempt to put any graphics card in that system without risking doing some dmg.
  2. I don't think there is a PCIe slot for the upgrade.
  3. I don't think you can can put any dedicated card into your all in one. You might be able to put in a i3 3225 with the HD4000 gprahics from intel integrated into the CPU which should quite a bit better than the HD2500 you have right now

    EDIT: I haven't been able to find any info about if you could open up the back and swap out the processor. Also there is no supported CPU list or bios updates at the time.
    This model also a AZS600 supports a i5 so an i5 might be a possibility as well and indicateds the bios may support more than just the i3 3220.
  4. Thank you for the reply! There is in fact a PCI slot to put one in, I took the computer apart and stuck my friend's GeForce 8400 Gs and that fit no problem. I did not try running it, though, considering it's TDP isn't even close. I know one will fit, I just want to find the best low profile one I can find without wrecking my computer. I am also thinking about swapping for a better processor sometime down the line, but for now I need to find as good of dedicated graphics as I can get. Again, I realize it won't be the best graphics but I'm okay with that :)
  5. It just looks impossible to fit a GPU in there. Where do they put it?

    Just out of curiosity and record keeping, can you take a picture of the PCIe slot?
  6. Yes we also need to know the length and height of the pcie slot area to make sure there is enough room to fit the card
  7. I will post pictures and dimensions later tonight when I get home. I was able to fit a GeForce 8400 GS
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    I am also not familiar with how All-in-ones work. How do you connect the built in monitor to the graphics card? You also should see a drop of about 3-5W from turning off the integrated graphics.
    (low profile)
    (full size)

    The 7750 uses less power than the 6670 while offering more performance.
    (The OC version uses about 10W more so it's riskier)

    It seems that the 7750 is about .4 inches longer than the 8400GS and roughl the same height (Evga counted the PCB height while powercolour counted using the full size bracket)
    The 640 uses less power so its a safer choice but it also performs not as well.
    (newegg does not have a 640 but there are a bunch floating around )
    650 stock that uses about the same power as a 7750 and performs about the same.
    Only review I found and it has a 70mhz OC so assume power consumption of stock card is a bit lower.

    The 7770 and 650ti both use too much power and are not options.
  9. I read a thing online that tells me to set the primary adapter to the dedicated PCI slot from the BIOS, then I'm assuming I can just run an HDMI into the back of my computer, which has HDMI in and out. Something tells me I may not need to run an HDMI back into my computer, but I don't know that much... I can't find any pics of the actual slot from the internet and I dont know how to reply with a photo, but I'm not too worried about size they left a generous amount of space for a low profile card... Anyway Ive got about 2 9/16" of space from the right edge of the slot, and 3 1/16" from the left hand edge, and 3 1/4" going upward. I will check out the 7750 and the 640 if those are the best for my wattage range, thank you for your help, there are soo many cards out there it's easy to get confused.
  10. You can upload the pics to a service like photobucket

    then u put in bb code like this
    ignore the quotation marks

  11. If you could put in the 8400GS then it should be fine to fit the 7750. If there is a electronics store close by where you can return opened hardware, you can consider buying a 7750 (if they will pricematch to a website) and trying it out. If it dosen't work out you can return it
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  13. Thank you very much for all of the help, I will look for a 7750 close by, I'm sure it will work out even if I have to order online... Thanks again!
  14. No proeblem! W're all here to help =)
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