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Recently i replaced some case fans and have found that my parts have been getting hotter. Not sure if these fans could be making the main difference but they are meant to be better than my previous ones. My CPU never used to get over 50-53ish now its hitting 60. I have a coolermaster V8 cpu cooler. and my GFX card is getting to 80ish. My

GFX card is a separate heat question though, ive had it for less than a year and it's a MSI twin frozr II 560 ti OC edition and it has been getting gradually hotter. does this mean i should replace the thermal paste?

The case Fans i recently installed were 2 arctic f12 120mm case fans, one in the rear and one in the front, which replaced my old thermaltake stock case fans which i thought had very similar stats, they were just getting a bit noisy. The Arctic F12's are meant to have around 60-70 CFM and run at a max of 1350 rpm. the old fans, according to the thermaltake site, only ran at 1300ish rpm so i thought these would be an improvement. But straight away i have noticed longer cool down times and higher idle temps.
The intake is mostly always on max and the rear is around 1000-1100 rpm, I can't control it for some reason, so i can't see how this would cause such a large change in heat.

I know most of these temps aren't the most worrying, but i am used to my PC running cooler and am not impressed by these new temps.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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