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hey guys,

I recently finished building my new PC (happy to provide specs if needed) and I also bought a new panasonic gt30 HDTV.

I trying to find a way to show my PC screen on the TV without having to use DVI cables just doing it wirelessly, I linked the TV to my network no problems as it has a wireless dongle included, this allows we to access the viera live crap.

I was advised when buying my TV that if I have a PC with windows 7 and a second gen i7 2600k that I can just directly show my PC screen however I have no idea how to do this just wondering if anyone has done this before and any advice or guide they could provide. Basically I don't just want viera connect, I want the full PC access like you get when directly plugged in.

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  1. The tv salesman was confused. He was probably thinking of Intel Wireless Display (WiDi). That can mostly only be found in laptops and some nettops.
  2. thanks for that skaz I'd say thats exactly what he was thinking, he did ask if I had a second gen i7 processor which I do but he new asked whether it was laptop or desktop. Oh well there are options out there.
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