HD2400xt DDR3 vs HD4670 DDR2 Did i just downgrade???

Ok so decided to upgrade my old HD 2400xt ddr3 card.
After considering my PSU limitations, case restrictions and need of s-video out,
i decided to order a HD 4670 card ,, based on good reviews and its power consumption.

So i ordered it.
Then, however, after ordering, i noticed the one i just ordered was a DDR2 card! :o
After doing some research, turns out the reviews were based on the DDR3 versions of the card,, not the DDR2.

So did i just downgrade or sidegrade??
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  1. You are still getting an upgrade.
  2. Well im truly disappointed.
    the HD 4670 flickers and blinks playing crysis.
    The old HD 2400xt actually does a better job.

    Ive tried underclocking and bios upgrade and catalyst drivers all to no avail.

    to any that stumble across this ,, stay clear of the HD 4670 DDR2
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