Sapphire HD 7950 OC and far cry 3, Bad?

I'll start off by telling you guys what my machine is currently running. I have a X64 AMD Athelon Dual Core 3.21 Processor. 4 GB of DDR2 RAM, and I am running Windows 7 64 bit. When i purchased this card I Imagined i could run Any game at Maximum performance. I just purchased the 3gb card; Radeon HD 7950. I Installed the Catalyst drivers, and cleaned out all of my old NVIDIA Drivers. In Far Cry 3 i get a terrible framerate, (I do not have exact numbers, just notice visual differences) On ultra graphics. Is there any reason I would be getting such a bad result? Am I Bottlenecking my GPU With my dual core CPU? Anything helps guys. Thanks [: -Kaden
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  1. You have an HD 7950 with a dual core Athlon II. That creates a huge processor bottleneck. You wll need a better CPU to see the ful potential of your graphics card. Not to mention that is a bad gaming CPU. You really need a quad core CPU for most modern games.

    Also from what I have seen even with a GTX 680 / HD 7970 level card Far Cry 3 is almost unplayable with all the eye candy turned on even at 1920 x 1080.
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  3. Okay, i honestly figured as much. I mean, i am having troubles on even the lowest graphics, which is nearly unbelievable. I should probably also mention i am running on 1920x1200 resolution. i imagine that would be pretty tough on a system. How drastic of a change will i notice if i upgrade to a quad?
  4. Depends on what processor you upgrade to but overall it will increase your gaming performance quite a bit.

    As for in Far Cry 3 not a whole lot at that resolution. At least not with the eye candy turned on.
  5. Well thanks a ton Anort. I just recently lost my job, so it will be a bit before i can upgrade my mobo/cpu/ram. So, in the meantime, medium for me :) Good thing BF3 runs great. Have a good one bud.
  6. Good luck with the job search. The good news is the new generation of CPUs ( from Intel at least and with DDR 4 support ) should be out around spring so you will have access to new tech when you do upgrade.
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