Can I get some opinions on my gaming computer set up

So these are my specs
Msi z68a-g45 (g3)
8gb ram
Zotac gtx 560 ti oc
Coolmax cu-700B
Will there be any problems? Or that I should get a different psu? And opinions on my built? Thanks a lot
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  1. Please fill out the 'how to ask for newbuild advice' sticky and we will be in a much better position to help you. A budget for starters would be good.

    The 2500k is outdated, could probably do better on the GPU and i wouldnt trust that PSU at all.
  2. My bad I'm new to this. And what if I don't game on it 24/7 will my psu will still be a problem?
  3. No problem, that information will help us to help you, if you could fill it out please.

    Regardless of use, a cheap PSU is not recommended. If a problem were to occur it could destroy any number of system components.

    Would you want to risk your whole system for the sake of spending £30 or so more on a decent PSU.
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