Nvidia geforce gt 630m vs intel hd graphics 4000

In terms of physical memory how much is intel HD 4000 equivalent to NVIDIA GeForce630M
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  1. Depends on how much memory is allocated for the HD4000. Regardless, the GT630M will be faster.
  2. Mine (Samsung Series 7 Chronos NP700Z5C-S01UB) uses 1GB for video out of 8GB of total.
  3. According to Passmark Performance Test on both 2D benchmark and 3D benchmark, Intel 4000 graphics beat out the GT 630 by an average of 10-15% each time.
  4. Passmark is crap.

    Actual benchmarks shows that while on average it performs a little better than the GT 610m in a little over half of the games benchmarked (around 20 or so), the Intel HD is slower than the GT 620m. That in turn means the Intel HD 4000 is slower than the GT 630m.
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