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Radeon HD 7750 Low Profile vs. Intel HD Graphics 2500

I bought a Slim Dell desktop over black friday and I wanna do some decent gaming on it. It has a i5 3330(s?) Ivy bridge with Intel 2500 HD graphics. I'm wondering if it's worth it to spend $100 for a low profile 7750 to play games like WoW or Diablo 3 on decent settings with decent FPS.

Is it worth the upgrade?
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  1. If you have the money and a 400watt power-supply in there, it would be very worth it. Make sure you check your power-supply before you do. Since it's a pre-built it may only have come with a little bit more power than what it needs.
  2. 7750 barely draws anything, REMEMBER it's only powered by the PCIE slot!
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    I agree, but also make sure there is a PCIe 16x slot available.

    Diablo 3 1200p

    At 1200p, the HD4000 gets 11 FPS, while the 7750 gets 50. The HD4000 is much better than the HD2500, so, if you want to have high detail, then definitely get a 7750.

    Be sure to get the GDDR5 version. On Newegg US, it is a $10 price difference, and is worth it at higher resolutions.
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