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"Best" 2.1 PC speakers?

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September 3, 2003 6:21:51 AM

Okay... just got a new job (weee, money) and figure before I save up a bunch of money to give my computer new hardware (basically everything needs an upgrade... I'm running a Slot1 PIII right now...).. I figure i'll get new speakers since in addition to gaming I listen to a lot of music, and my current speakers are marginal at best. I'd probably watch movies too, but as of yet don't have a DVD drive. (although I have some DiVx's..)

Aanyhoo, my question is what I should be looking for. I was figuring, since surround sound isn't supergodly... just go for a really nice 2.1 system from Klipsch or Creative or some other such quality company. If there's some company other than Klipsch or Creative I should know about, or a certain system by them that's uber (since things aren't always 'better product = pay more'), i'd be happy to get a reponse. Thanks :) 
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September 4, 2003 11:07:36 AM

Altec is the best, especially for MP3's and audio cd

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