Will this card fit into my motherboard?

Hello, I was looking to upgrade my computer and I had my eyes on a Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 2GB. It's a PCI-E card which my mobo has (I have a GIGABYTE GA-H61M-DS2 LGA 1155) and I wasn't sure if it would fit. The mobo has a PCI-E slot but the mobo itself is pretty small and the picture of the 7850 looks pretty big. I was wondering if it would fit or if I need to keep looking?
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  1. Your motherboard is 8.9 inches wide and the card in question is 8.15 inches long which means from looking at you motherboard you might end up covering up 2 of the SATA ports, if not it'll be a little tight. If you are only using the 2 SATA ports on the edge of the board I would think it would fit no problem.
  2. Wait, I was looking at the dimensions of your board wrong, it is only 6.85 inches wide, meaning the card is going to cover all the SATA ports for sure. So unless you don't have any SATA devices at all the card will NOT fit
  3. I think the bottom 2 SATA ports might not be obstructed buy you can always get this and be fine.

  4. So if my card did obstruct my SATA ports, then the modulator will allow me to plug them into that? I'm new to this computer, trying to upgrade from consoles.
  5. Yes that is the idea, the reason I said the card would block the ports is that it's a 2 slot card... it may not block the bottom two but I think it will.
  6. Thanks for the help.
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