Nvidia 3 monitor setup GTX 680 sli

Hi everyone, I just want you guys to know i am a total noob so feel free to correct but please don't troll.

(firstly im pretty sure that eyefinity is an AMD Radeon term but i dont know the equivalent for Nvidia so please excuse)
I have 3 23" monitors and have a new rig on order in the post its running 2x GTX 680's (sli) when it arrives i would like to setup an eyefinity gaming platform.

The problem i am faced with is that the monitors i have only have 2x HDMI and 1x DSUB. no dvi ports. Is this still possible to hock up eyefinity through this and if so what cables and how many will i need?

I know the 680's have 1 x hdmi 2 x dvi and 1 x display port each and i believe you are only aloud to to conect the monitors to the top card in sli? so this is my question.

So if i was to connect this way to my monitors from the top 680 would this be correct.

Display port ---> Active Display to HDMI adapter ---> HDMI (M1)
HDMI ----> HDMI (M2)
DVI ---> DVI to HDMI adapter ----> HDMI (M3)

Alternatively if its possible i could use the second HDMI port on the second 680, no need to run a dvi to hdmi adapter.

Any advise would be awesome thanks guys!
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  1. I'd do 3x DVI to HDMI cords. For surround (nvidia version of eyefinity) you will need to connect 2 monitors to the top cards DVI ports and one 1 monitor to the DVI port on the bottom card.
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