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I just bought an ASUS 7850 DCU2, and installed it on my old computer (AMD Phenom II X3 720 with 4th core unlocked, running on stock speed, 2x2GB DDR2, Gigabyte MB, Acbel 470W+100W PSU).

But all games got same problem: screen flickering or part of it not shown at all, suddenly show other part/area, stuttering..
when I disabled the 4th core everything going fine again.. (before installing 7850, my setting have no problem with on board graphic card and other older graphic card..)..

Anyone know how to solve this problem?

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  1. Screenshot of the flickering please? Also, specs of your power supply unit? Did you connect the 6-pin connector DIRECTLY from the power supply unit to the graphics card?
  2. Looks like a CPU or PSU problem to me. A discrete card will draw way more power than a IGP, putting a bigger strain on the PSU.
    From what I understand, what may be happening is that the increased load influences the voltages supplied to the CPU. Not necessarily outside of specifications, but since you unlocked your CPU, it may just be what's causing this.

    Either disable the 4th core, or get a better PSU. Increasing voltage on your CPU manually in the BIOS may also help.
    More information about the PSU would be good, too.
  3. Hi all, thanks for your reply,

    My PSU is AcBel 80+ 470W (430W effective, with 100W continuous overclocking support - I don't know what exactly this mean), this PSU comes with one 6x pin which I connected directly to ASUS 7850..

    Disabling the 4th core make my rig only got ~2800 combined score on 3dmark 11 (maybe it's quite normal to similar system:

    I'll try to increase CPU voltage a little and overclock it, will update you later :)
  4. One more strange behaviour I notice is on Google Chrome, my Chrome continuously show error when opening webpage when 4th core enabled, but after I disabled it, all normal..
  5. Any screenshots of the flickering?
  6. Sunius said:
    Any screenshots of the flickering?

    Sorry, since I disabled the 4th core, can't take any screenshot at the moment, will update you once I tried with unlocked 4th core again..

    on Tochlight 2, anything except the menu is gone.. no flickering
  7. That PSU sounds pretty poor. That in conjunction with your GPU drawing more power with its 4th core might tip it over the edge.
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