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Pushed my current system too hard for too long and it's telling me in no uncertain terms that my time is up. Money is tight as I'm moving across Canada soon so my goal is to spend enough to get some performance but keep the over all expense to an absolute minimum. I'm looking to replace the chip board and ram as I am getting BSOD's and severe graphical anomalies. I've tested this setup with my old gfx card (8800GTX) and had the same graphics glitches. PSU tests good (as it darn well should - high 5 to the PCP&C guys for making great stuff).

Current setup:

Asus P5Q
PCP&C 800W
Antec 900
6x hdd's in 2 arrays

Proposed setup that I want some feed back on ($400 before tax where I live):

AMD FX-8320
MSI 970A-G46
16GB DDR3 (2x 8GB)
Corsair H60 liquid cooler
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  1. That H60 cooler underperforms many air coolers. I wouldn't waste money on those cheap liquid systems. Just get something like a Hyper 212 or similar with a big, quiet 120mm fan or two and you'll get better overclocks.

    8320 is a pretty good CPU. Some would argue a i5-3470 for about the same price would be better for gaming, but you also can't overclock it. So it's up to you. Just check out the benchmarks.

    GTX460 is kinda old. Are you building this primarily for games, or what else do you do?
  2. I primarily game but some video editing as well. Just need to band-aid this system back together for as cheap as possible while maintaining some power. Basically cheap gaming rig to get me through the next year.

    I already own the GTX460 so... good enough. To get better performance I'd need to drop $200 which is 50% of what I intend to spend on the whole system (chip board ram).

    Good call on the air cooler - I want to go liquid for the novelty / acoustic benefits. Owning an Antec 900 I will never realize the acoustic advantages so I will find a suitable air one. Any other suggestions on the cooler?

    *Edited to correct for stupid.
  3. I'd just do 8GB of RAM for now, leaving room to go 16GB later. You probably won't ever need it. That should free up enough $$ to go up one tier in CPU and go 8350 or 3570K. 8350 probably better for video editing and 3570 better for gaming, so go with whatever feels better to you.

    And as for the cooler, well there is really nothing better than the Hyper 212 for under about $60, so that's pretty much the default reccomendation:
    3800 reviews at 5 star avg on newegg can't be wrong. :)
  4. Good call mate, went with it.

    Slap it all together tonight and see how it runs! :)
  5. I agree on the Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO. The 460gtx is still decent and will run new games at medium settings at lower resolutions. You won't save a whole lot on going with 8GB of ram vs. 16GB, it if you are really pinching pennies, go with 8. Remember if you are changing the MB, you will need a new copy of the operating system (legally).
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