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Which new psu to get?

i currently have this OCZ power supply:

it runs well, but the fan is so loud, even when idle. whenever i turn on my computer, its quiet for a bit, then the fan cranks up and doesnt stop unless the temperature of my room is in the single digits. its been like this for about 6 months, and started about a week or two after i got the psu.

so im thinking of getting a new psu, either this:

or this:

but im not sure which one to get. nothing in my computer right now requires anything more than 600 watts really, but i'd like to future proof my system. also, are there any dangers of a loud psu fan? other than being obnoxious, is it a warning sign that it may crap out soon? i also don't think RMA is an option, as this is probably just normal wear and tear.

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  1. ur ps is fine, dunno why u wanna upgrade.
  2. should have RMAed. OCZ fixed those units.

    and why so much wattage?
  3. yeah rma it, if its still under warranty and u dont need more than 750watts for what ur running, even with sli or crossfire, u should be fine.
  4. its still within warranty, so i guess I could RMA it, but i thought it wouldn't be accepted. I thought ocz would consider it just normal wear and tear.
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    yes, if uve got issues, atleast try rma it before buying a new one, ur money is precious like gold and gems :D

    all u need mate.
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