Recording mpeg files into vhs with tuner card

Is it possible to transfer MPG files from my computer to a VHS tape in my VHS recorder using a tuner card?
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  1. No, it's not but why would you want to? It would be much easier to create a disk to play externally in a disk player or you could transfer your file to a portable HDD and plug it into a smart TV. VHS is history.
  2. A Tuner card goes the other way. With a tuner card, you can capture VHS into your computer to create a digital(Avi, mpg) file. You want to capture the stream coming out of your computer. Some video cards have s-video that you can connect to a vhs recorder and record it. You would also have to capture the sound.
  3. Technically, yes, it's possible and you don't even need a TV Tuner card. All you need is a video card that has an output that is accepted by your VHS recorder. If your VHS recorder as an S-Video input, something as simple as this Jaton 3DForce FX5200TV would work easily.

    Connect to graphic card output to the VHS recorder input. Cue the MPEG you wish to record to VHS. Press record on the VHS recorder. Press Play on the computer. Should work like a charm.

    -Wolf sends
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