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  1. eh, hes only got 300$ id love for u to find better for 300$.
  2. Even games that are optimized for quad core run great on the G860. Its a very solid dual core. I play saints row the third and BF3 just great on it (even though they recommend a quad).
  3. ScrewySqrl said:
    why waste money on a CPU you will throw away in less than a year?

    the A10 build is good enough for most games at 1290x1080 on low/medium settings. It will see you though at least 2-3 years of gaming.

    Heck, an AMD 8-core and Tahiti GPU is the next console generation due out late this year

    Those are the specs for the Dev Kits. They do lose money on consoles, but not that much money.
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