Upgrading proprietary pc, need specific components

So i have this low-budget pc i thought was gonna fill the void in my heart by playing my beloved series new
release, TES Skyrim.

It's a $300 Lenovo H330 and when i bought it i had no clue what a graphic card is, what a ram is, i don't even know what a motherboard is..
but now i can at least understand what those mean, when i boot up i had oblivion ready due to skyrim being out of stock, and what i saw was horrable, 20 fps max, texture was messed up, nothing goes well.

Now after 2 years i decided to upgrade it, got $200 on my pocket, but here's the current specs:
- Intel core i3 @3.10ghz
- 4 gb ram
- Amd Radeon HD 6450 (Replacement must be low-profile)
- 180-40nl PSU (180 watt, shape is small enough to fit on the small tower case)

I've been planning to upgrade to the 6670 and i need a new psu with higher wattage.
Alas, i have no experience in upgrading, i had enough asking the ITs on my nearest stores with their bullc***,
so i need help in finding the components needed to upgrade it.

The case is small tower, so everything is very tight, the mobo is lenovo-made, don't think it can be replaced.
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  1. Definitely buy a new PSU, say, 500W corsair, and for the rest of your money buy gtx 550ti or hd 7750. Maybe even something better. You'll be able to play skyrim maxed out.
  2. The compuer has good basic components, at most you may have to replace the case if you can't find the PSU replacement, but the case is cheap. The case looks like it can fit in a regular size Video Card but a low profile case is an easy fit. The HIS H667FN1G Radeon HD 6670 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Low Profile Ready Video Card at around $80.00 you'll also need to upgrade the RAM to 8GB $48.00, and the replacement Power Supply will probably be the hardest to find,.. but the motherboard looks like a horizontally extended variation of the ITX form factor... it's hard to tell as the large processor cooler is in the way but it can probably fit in a regular sized case so you can use a regular Power Supply. All the components may exceede the $200 budget but all depends on the quality of case you'd be willing to buy or if you'd be willing to put off upgrading the RAM for now.

    Install a system information application to identify the motherboard and possibly its form factor... Aida, Everest, Speccy, Astra32.. are some good free applications that may ID the motherboard.

    In case you need to move to a new case. Check the list of hardware I configured
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