20% GPU usage and Micro-stuttering while gaming

After installing MSI Afterburner in my Old Computer I noticed something.

My Old Computer:

Pentium D (OCed to3.36 Ghz)
Nvidia 9400GT
4GB 1333Mhz Ram
Gigabyte G4IM Motherboard

I used On screen Display and started playing Dirt Showdown. I kept my settings to 800x600 Ultra Low because that card sucks and got very smooth gameplay at avg. 5fps. (Yes, 5fps)

But then I noticed that in Main Menu The card Usage is more than 70%, but when I started playing the game (That is racing) I noticed that my Usage dropped to 15-20% !!!
It was running smooth. I thought it may be wrong, I turned settings to 1920x1080 Ultra and I still got 5fps but with little micro-stuttering. But still the usage was 20%!!

My card temps

Idle: 58
20% load: 64
70-80% load: 72

I want to ask whether it is a CPU Bottleneck or something else? My CPU is 32 Bit.

I don't know if I'll know whats happening in my Old rig, But I've got my new one which runs game at highest. :lol:
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  1. I bet the cpu is at 100%. Since you tried ultra and low with the same results it is definitely the cpu.
  2. Yup CPU is at 100% always. So is it CPU bottleneck?
  3. Yes, cpu bottleneck.
  4. One last thing. Is my CPU 64bit???

    Till date I thought it was 32bit!!!
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