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Ive been thnkng 4 quite sometime now wether to upgade my pc or just buy a new one for d purpose of gaming. I realized that i will need $600 or maybe a thousand to have a decent one. But as it is ryt now, it's not possible to me bcuz d highest that my budget can get is $360. So maybe u cud give me some suggestions to get d best quality psu,gpu,mobo and cpu for my $340. Thanks in advance
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  1. Your budget is too small for psu, gpu, mobo and cpu of any quality.

    You should consider upgrading either your CPU/mobo/ram, or your PSU and GPU, depending on your current system specs. I would suggest getting a PSU and GPU if you are a gamer, unless you know your CPU is badly bottlenecking your system in the games you play.
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