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I have had this HD 5770 for over a year. It's been doing fine. However, its peak temperature on load is around 92 celcius.
I have heard that this model is known to be hot (not the hottest) and that above 80 is too hot but GPU can handle 90s as long as it's not over 100. What do you think?

I home-built my PC and just cleaned it last month. Before cleaning, its temp went to about 96. My case is antec 900.
I have intel core i3 520, 8GB RAM, that video card, 1 SSD and 1 regular HDD. I use dual monitor at 1920x1080. Windows 7 64bit.
I use GPU-Z (I think) to see GPU temp.

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  1. When is the last time you cleaned out your case? Dust builds up really easily and every three or four months i open up everything, take out my gpu, and used compressed air to blow out everything.

    Also make sure you have good airflow in your case. I cant tell you how many people have overheating issues becuase they have terrible airflow.
  2. I cleaned it last month. Before cleaning it was 96 celcius. After it's 90-92.
    I'll clean it again more thoroughly.

    Question is, what's the normal "hot" temperature for this GPU under load?
    HD 5770.

  3. I would recommend getting some extra case fans or make sure that you PC has proper air flow, no wires blocking fans ect. You dont want a GPU running over 90, mine stays at 60 normally, and that's when Im playing some big games.

    I have a GTX 660 FTW Signature 2
  4. Sorry for some reason it double posted
  5. Normal GPU temperature are between 45 - 60 celcius. Check GPU vent! If that won't work u should think about extra vent.
  6. I'm no expert but, 1) GPU is running too hot, 2) Buy a new GPU!
  7. Try downloading MSI afterburner and try turning up the GPU fan speed and see if it helps.
  8. Cleaned it out, lots of junk there ... got MSI afterburner, set fan to 100%... 90 degree.
    set fan to auto... 90 degree.

    Idle at 63 degree.

    Darn it.
    I have antec 900, all fans are on and set to high.
    Maybe this GPU just hot? HD 5770.

    Took off the heatsink from GPU, cleaned it, redid the thermal paste and now it's much better.
    Idle at 45-50 (was 60+)
    Max at 74 (was 90+)
    Problem solved. Thanks all.
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